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Newborn Sessions- is the home or studio better?

Our newborn photography sessions have drastically increased this year, and I hear the same question from nearly all my moms……should we do a session at home or in your studio?  What is the difference?  They are two completely different experiences, both with beautiful outcomes, but lets hit some points on what makes the different.

The important thing is to make the best choice for your and your family, regardless of which decision you make, you will have beautiful memories in the end.

Home Sessions-

Also considered Lifestyle Newborn sessions. 

These are more of a lifestyle based session, I use your home as different background and scenery, with a candid feel for many of the photos.  

During a home session I will do both your new baby by themselves, but also focus on the interaction of the family.

Our main areas will be the nursery, master bedroom and living room.

The feel of a home session is much different than an in studio session, its a view of your real life.

I will get very personal detailed shots, incorporating the baby’s crib, pillows on your bed or even a nice rug.

Your bed makes a great place for photos- of the entire family or your brand new little one.

I will still bring some newborn props with me, so we can do some posed photos as well.  

Traveling to a studio can be stressful on some of my new mom’s, if this is true for you a in home session is perfect.  

Studio Sessions-

Studio sessions will take place in our studio in the Suncrest Towne Centre located in Morgantown, WV. 

More of a posed session, using our newborn posing techniques.

We will use a variety of hats, blankets and props.  

You will find our studio is quite warm for a newborn session, although its’ rather hot for adults.  We must keep the perfect temperature for all of our newborns.

In the studio we try to focus a little more on the sleeping baby poses, so the younger the baby the better.  

Timing is everything in the studio, its important that we wait until the baby is settled before I start to work with them.  Patience is everything with newborns.

Let me mention the disadvantages as well-  you must pack a diaper bag, and we all know that the little ones need more items than we realize when its time to leave.  Diapers, wipes, formula, clothing, the list goes on.  Its a long time to be away from home when you have just given birth, expect 2-3 hours.

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