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Why hire a professional wedding photographer or film maker | Iris Magic Photo Studios | Pittsburgh PA Weddings

Wedding photographers and film makers can be a pricey investment, for an already expensive day and some couples question as to if they really need them. Obviously, we would agree that you do need professional photographers and film makers, but we don’t just want to tell you that, let us explain why.

~A professional is going to be 100% focused to you and your wedding day. Sure, you could pass the camera over to your uncle or one of your friends, but the reality is that that person is there as a guest and they will be dragged out to the dance floor or talking to your aunt while key events that should be photographed are happening.

~A professional team has invested over 75K in quality equipment and education. With our reputations on the line every time, we won’t bail on you a week before the wedding because something came up, or disappear with your files after the wedding. Your day is in our hands and will not disappoint.

~Professionals have experience in how to use poses, angles and lighting to enhance their bride’s best features and hide the imperfections., we have worked with all shapes and sizes and know what is best.

~Wedding photographers and film makers have to learn to go with the moment to get great shots quickly, during a fast paced day. Even with experience it can be challenging, trust me!

~Business insurance tells you that your vendor is ready to take liability and full responsibility for everything. Spending just a bit more on a full time professional that is insured, may save you heartache in the future.

~A professional photographer and film maker will back up, back up and then back up your photos and video again and again.

~Backup equipment is a must! if your photographer or videographer has no back up equipment means no back up plan if a camera body or lens fails.

~If you opt for someone that is not as experienced, it will be more work for you on your big day. If you want all these details attended to, you’ll have to learn what needs to be done yourself and make sure they do it.

~Lastly, if you opt for someone that is not a professional, I do not think anyone would ever deliberately do anything wrong on your day and you may very well have no problems. Just keep in mind if a problem does arise, someone with years of experience will know how to navigate around it.

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